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santa cruz / bay area geek social scene

JOHN H. DUBOIS III (1964 - 2012)
Geek, Family Man, Pyro, Photographer, Burner,
Armorer, Engineer, Builder, KC6QKZ

In memorium.

santa cruz and the bay area hosts a very active geek social scene which has (like any other social circle) it's own interesting quirks to it. though santa cruz was the kernel, over the years people have spread out into the greater bay area. one of the best things about the scene is that it was always extremely easy to join and meet an amazing number of people in a short period of time. these pages touch on a few areas of the geek culture and social scene, hoping to give a unfamiliar person an idea of what it's like here.

over the years this site has become more of an archive than active look into the local scene. this is because in some regards once the internet became a commonplace part of most people's lives things that used to be "geek" aren't as unique. how interesting is "we all communicate through a computer!" these days? however, the social scene continues its lifecycle in the people who still interact with their old (and new) friends via the chat systems, bulletin boards, email and web sites.

ever wonder where people got their odd online nicknames and email addresses? look no further than tapeworm's fresh-off-the-presses login lore project which documents the roots of the bay area scene.

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