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santa cruz geek party photo gallery
The Third Wine Tasting (@ Spicerack) 96-03-22
(see also: layla's wine tasting page)

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a fine selection of 15 wines sarah and mike torment
a drunk hoche
the group shot a rare and valuable
photo of Q smiling!
hoche does his
impression of popeye
chic-sters say
"no photos!"
smith scopes out
jila tormenting kaz
"give me that squirtgun!"
i'm thinking of a
wine between 1 and 15...
br'reer! mikkyo, smic, and mikekaye drunk? who's drunk?
mikkyo, smic, and
mikekaye recline on
layla's bed
salguod looms above
the party
salguod truly is
a space alien!
check out more
hoche expressions!
viktor strikes a pose from his throne at
the edge of the world,
zenomt prepares to
command his subjects
to attention
damn, mikkyo, smic
and mike sure slack!
mikekaye's world
turns upside down
matthew and layla mikkyo looks innocent
but is about to break
falcon's thumb
q and james are
unaware of the reckless
abandon behind them
salguod's hair on the move freeman ain't
drinking java!
though layla is
appreciating his stories
about pagers which play donkey kong
smic and mikkyo
torment housemate viktor
wino in leather!

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